The IIA provides opportunities to learn Japanese as part of its daily support for the foreign residents to learn Japanese culture, customs and etiquette, and to ensure smooth communication with the local residents through Japanese language and other studies.

【Class Style(for Japanese Language Classes)】
【Japanese Language Support at School】
Application Form(Excel)
Application Form(Internet Application)
【One-On-One Style (Private Lesson)】
【Japanese Language Support at School】
Application Form
Class Style(for Japanese Language Classes)
One-On-One Style (Private Lesson)

The IIA can introduce you to a volunteer Japanese Language tutor. The learning style of Japanese class is one-on-one with a volunteer tutor.

Japanese Language Support at School (Project entrusted by Iwaki City Board of Education)

The IIA teaches Japanese language in order for children who have roots overseas to acquire communication skills and adapt to Japanese school and society as quickly as possible. In order for children to enroll, you need to consult the Board of Education in advance. After the Board of Education, the school, the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) and the IIA have consulted about Japanese Language Support, it will be decided. Applications must be filed by the principal of the school. When applying, please fll out the form below. Application Form for Japanese Language Support System PDF/Excel (for school) See here for details of application forms.

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